the falcon of the Maremma

About Montepescali


Montepescali, a town that dates back to the Xth Century, lies in the heart of the Maremma in the Province of Grosseto.

The earliest historical mention of Montepescali appeared between 1020 and 1053, during which time the castle belonged to the Pannocchieschi counts. Montepescali was constituted as a free and democratic Comune on May 1, 1147 under the military protection of the Sienese Republic. The document creating the Comune of Montepescali is preserved in the archives of Siena. A royal decree removed Montepescali from the jurisdiction of the Comune di Roccastrada to that of Grosseto in 1905.

Montepescali sits atop a hill in Tuscany, 222 meters above the Aurelia, one of the ancient Roman highways. From the Baluardo on the western wall of the town, the Tyrennian Sea, the island of Giglio, and the highest mountains of Corsica can be seen.

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