the falcon of the Maremma



For Further Explorations
All sites are available in English unless otherwise noted

TuttoManciano In Italian. Offers information about the town of Manciano, Saturnia, and the surrounding area. Provides links to places to hotels, agriturismo, bed and breakfasts, and more. Lists of restaurants, festivals, much more.
Castelli Toscani A site designed to make you aware of Medieval Tuscany and the walled towns, castles, fortresses, and watch towers that appear throughout the province. Get off the tourist route and find history. Photos, maps, and plans of the structures. Extensive and fascinating.

Cupola Live A live web cam image from the top of Brunelleschi’s Cupola of the Cathedral S. Maria del Fiore in Florence – 120 meters over the center of the city!

See the Sistine Chapel on your desktop! Then click into a tour of the Chapel or a virtual visit to other Vatican Museums.

Comunita’ Monastica di Siloe – a community of monks near Paganico. They would like to build a new monastery. At present, the site is only in Italian, but Padre Stefano and Fra Roberto plan to have the pages in English soon! Make a visit and contemplate a religious community entering the 21st century.

Move About Italy – Get off the beaten path

Italian Image of the Week – Just what it says, plus an archive of photos by the page’s creator, Jay Pulli. And don’t miss his Grapes of Tuscany photos and links to food and wine.

The Toscana Rail Page – Lots of information and history of railways in Tuscany – includes pictures of historic stations, virtual trips, suggested itineraries, and even train sounds! Train fans, don’t miss this.

Parks in Italy – A wonderful site providing information on national parks, regional parks, national nature reserves, regional nature reserves, other protected areas, and wetlands. Featured as “Park of the Month” for January 2000 was the Parco Naturale della Maremma.

Mangiare Bene – The English version a popular Italian internet recipe archive and guide to Italian cooking. Covers traditional, regional, and innovative Mediterranean cuisine – including the Cooking of Tuscany.

FS Online – Ferrovie dello Stato – Railway information, schedules, stations, services

Italy by Italians – a page of links to festivals and events taking place in Italy each month –
plus Webcam views around the world

Grosseto – Visit the largest town in the Maremma

Pictures of Grosseto In Italian – views from around the town, also Istia d’Ombrone, Montepescali, and Roccatederighi

Maremma Tourist Information – Itineraries, plus some great photos

The Other Maremma – See the sites

Uccellina – Other views of the Natural Park of the Maremma and some local recipes

Pitigliano – Visit the town of Pitigliano

Pictures of Pitigliano – See views of the town and of nearby Sovana and Sorano

A brief history of the Italian language – That about says it all

Learn Italian with Pinocchio – CyberItalian lessons at your convenience

Windows on Italy – General information about Italy

Interactive Map of Italy – Click your way from region to region

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