the falcon of the Maremma

About Sabrina Cultrera


Sabrina Cultrera was born in Rome in 1967. After receiving her Maturit√† Artistica (60/60), she graduated with a degree from the University of Udine (Conservazione dei Beni Culturali all’Universit√† degli Studi di Udine – 110/ 110).

In Pordenone, she turned her talents to graphics and became an illustrator in the advertising and book industries. In 1994, she completed a cycle of paintings in the Chapel of S. Chiara and for the Church of S. Francis. She also made drawings of the Via Crucis that were then transferred to copper.

After moving to Grosseto in 1995, she participated in the watercolor workshop “The Practice and Technique of Watercolor Painting in Plein Eir” taught by Carlo Caporale. Appreciated in the artistic community for her personal interpretation of watercolor technique, she has shown her works in numerous collective and national exhibitions, obtaining positive reviews and growing recognition.


Medal “Cristoforo Marzaroli” [sez] Acquerello 1996>br> Concorso Nazionale Pittura e Grafica C. Marzaroli, Salsomaggiore Terme, Pordenone, Italy

Second Prize 1996
Mostra Nazionale “Falcone della Maremma”, Montepescali, Grosseto, Italy

First Prize 1999
Mostra Nazionale “Falcone della Maremma”, Montepescali, Grosseto, Italy

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